Sunday, December 13, 2009


Steve E. suggested I take a few moments to say Howdy and I try to follow suggestions from the "oldtimers" so HOWDY! ... All is well in my world....One thing that's great in my world is, it is small. I remember when I first got to AA everything seemed so BIG! and BIG meant overwhelming. Gradually, through a program of action, things seem small today. All I have is what is right in front of me. I need to keep that especially clear during this holiday season.

So I think I will hit a church service this morning...maybe even 2 (i'm trying to decide between 2 churches if I decide to become a church person). Then decorate the Christmas pay the bills..not so much joy......and gather paperwork for a refinace....really not joy but will lead to peace.....a little online shopping.....then make the chicken soup for dinner....a typical day if you swap out church for AA meeting....

so Howdy to y'all! xo